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Anti-Aging services offered in Riverview MI

As you get older, your body undergoes changes that affect how it functions. Though you can’t stop the years from passing by, you can slow down your body’s aging process. Rodney Poling, DO, at MedHealth in Riverview, Michigan, takes a holistic approach to health and offers anti-aging treatments that focus on improving health from the inside out. Find out more about anti-aging by calling the office or scheduling an appointment online today. 

Anti-Aging Q & A

What is anti-aging?

Anti-aging is an evolving area of health care that focuses on ways to slow down the body’s natural aging process.

Though you may be aware of the visible signs of aging, including wrinkles and gray hair, aging affects your whole body. That includes vital organs like your heart and blood vessels, as well as your muscles and bones.

Though researchers are still investigating all the factors that cause the body’s aging process, some of them may include: 

  • Hormonal changes
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Oxidative stress (free radical damage to the body)
  • Slow down in cell production and tissue regeneration
  • Changes in metabolic function that alters DNA

Some factors involved in the aging process may be out of your control, but your lifestyle plays an integral role in your body’s health and how it ages.

At MedHealth, Dr. Poling offers anti-aging treatments that focus on your lifestyle and improving internal health.

What can I expect during an anti-aging evaluation?

Dr. Poling takes a holistic approach to health. When you visit MedHealth for an anti-aging evaluation, Dr. Poling focuses on all the factors that influence your body’s aging process.

He asks detailed questions about your daily habits, including your diet, exercise routine, work-life, and home-life. Dr. Poling also asks about habits that might negatively affect your health and speed-up the aging process, like smoking and heavy alcohol use.

He reviews your medical and family history and performs a physical exam. To fully understand your overall health and risk of disease, Dr. Poling runs diagnostic lab work, including a cardiovascular workup.

For your anti-aging evaluation, he may check for genetic mutations linked to disease, such as methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR). MTHFR is an enzyme your body uses to break down the amino acid homocysteine.

Some people have a mutation in the gene that makes MTHFR, affecting the breakdown of homocysteine. High levels of this amino acid in your blood may place you at risk of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease.

Your lab work may also include a measurement of your glutathione levels, which is an antioxidant produced by your body that protects against cellular damage. Production of this antioxidant slows down as you get older and may play a role in aging and disease risk. 

What are anti-aging treatments?

Dr. Poling customizes your anti-aging treatment plan based on your current health, lifestyle habits, and risk of future disease.

Your plan focuses on improving your internal health and may include:

  • Balanced eating plan
  • Exercise program 
  • Stress management
  • Healthy sleep routine
  • Nutritional supplements such as intravenous (IV) glutathione
  • Immune enhancers
  • Weight loss

Eating right is a major focus of anti-aging at MedHealth. Dr. Poling works with you, creating a diet that matches your health and genetic needs so you can age better. 

In addition to improving your internal health, making changes to your lifestyle also improves how you look and feel.

To schedule your anti-aging consultation, call MedHealth or book an appointment online today.

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